jl 10w7 review

let me begin out by saying if you cant discover jl items for under msrp, in most situations you might be able to do better with other items. ive been in the car music area for 15 decades and have used many manufacturers of subwoffers, among my preferred are kicker, innovator, ma music, down, mb quart.
ive owned/have a few jl woffers as well. if your looking for spl, want individuals to here you 3 prevents away and want to strike out windows, jl is most likely not going to satisfy you.
i recentely ordered a 10w7 for well under msrp so this was a big + for me. to be reasonable in “real world” examining, i tried diffrent containers,sealed and ported and diffrent adjusting for the ported.
for the made box i used a 1.3cuft, 1cuft, and also the recomended 1.25 cuft. each of these offered achievement for me with the 1.25cuft providing the best over all sq. if i were to use this w7 in a seald box, i would use it in a 1.125cuft packed with poly load for my preference.
now here is where i spent a lot of cash, i designed 4 diffrent containers. when the examining was done, i discovered that 1.6 cuft was the best air place and adjusting around 34hz proved helpful best and offered better outcomes than the recomended box. also i discovered that the recomended slot sise (1.5″ wide) was not enough. there was too much air disturbance. re-tuning the box with a 1.75″ large slot set this issue and included a little more out put vs. the 1.5″wide slot.
i operated this sub with the jl 5001 that a buddy let me use and it was excelent. this however was not enough energy so i smashed out my 81000d which at 3 ohms is 750 rms at 12.5v and at 14.4v 995 h rms.(bench comfirmed by landis tech) and still this 10w7 will still take a little more energy. i do not contend in spl with this sub but it did produce over 138 db in a 93 cutlass with the back outdoor patio cut out of it. i have all mb quart q sequence mids and peaks in the car and using this sub now for over a season, i have won 4 first position, 2 second and 5 3rd position in regional sq fight one of which (first place) was an iasca occurrence at a regional soundadvice.
for you “bass heads” this sub with the energy iam delivering it visitors tougher than just about ANY individual 10″ i have ever used in 15 decades of car audio
for the sq folks that work at higher energy amounts, this is the BEST looking individual 10″ sub i have used currently.
if you can select one of these up for under 450$ they are value every bit

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JL Audio 13W7 Review.

Hey folks, I determined to do 1 bass speaker installation in my 5 Sequence BMW.

When looking for sub sandwiches I desired something that can take at least 1k plus rms day-to-day while still be noisy and clear. After seeing all the over discussed opinions and different views on this website.

I determined to go forward and pay attention to one myself first side. I created my way to a regional popular music go shopping to notice a 12″ in a ported box. I did not know the specifications of the box. It was dirty and had a lot of slot disturbance at greater amounts in the test space.

Quick fowarding to a few times ago. I purchased one off E-Bay and got began on making a ported box to JL’s ported specifications of:

2.375 cu. ft @ 34.59Hz

I had some help getting the box carperted and the sub came the next day.

I easily un-packed it and got it all attached in and in the footwear of my car. Seriously got the 1000/1V2 from my bed space cabinet and began electrical wiring everything all up.

Playing – I began with The O’Jay’s Backstabbers at about 50 % amount, the popular music completing the cottage was challenging reaching but not frustrating and boomy. Just sleek and enough for you to experience it. I was happy with this tune.

Next I performed Cutty Good friend by Robert Jackson, I was relaxing in my individuals chair VERY satisfied. I’m not saying this is the best woofer or trying to hold off of JL Audio’s wang. There are a lot of excellent organizations out there, it’s all personal preference.

I ongoing to engage in all genre’s of popular music from old university to rap all the way to nation and established. It took everything I used at it and offered back again result in a very attractive popular music to the ear, at all amounts.

I do have a dynamat footwear kit, but I still do have one frustrating shake somewhere behind my back fender. Other than that the car is fairly strong while this woofer is in function.

Also I had to a huge factory ability with my friend too see if I could notice it far away with my car all created up. He decreased me off at the back again and went around to take through the the front again.

Faintly – I notice the popular music fillling my hearing, I’m not sure how far he was away but I would calculate it as 3 prevents maybe? As he got more detailed it was very boomy on the outside while he was near to me. I don’t like that. This is a wakeup contact for me to begin more deadening to get my car more strong or as much as possible.

Overall. I really like the sub but I would not pay the full price of $1,099.00 for it.

I provide a 8.5/10

I’m not a big evaluation expert by any indicates but thank you for examining and I’ll respond to concerns the best I can. Keep in mind this is all just my own viewpoint.

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coaxial speaker

So far these are the best coaxial speaker I have heard. For me to list everything I have owned and installed in 20 years I am comparing these two would take way to long to list. Short list of what I have owned or owned. Aura, Hertz, Diamond, Seas, Seas Lotus, Focal, HAT, Zapco, JL, CDT, Rainbow, TBI, Rockford, Alpine, Kenwood, ID and some I have forgotten I am sure.

How they were tested and what we tested them against.

I A, B, C compared these to everything on the board.

List of everything that I compared the Imagine line in coaxial set-up to.

Hertz DSK165, Energy line ECX165, ESK165. The ECX could almost hang with them on the bottom end, not as good in the midrange and the Imagine highs where on another level. Pretty much same outcome with the ESK but the ESK tweeter is close to the Imagine line but again the midrange was just not as good.

Hertz Hi-Energy line HCX165 (well over $200 for this set)-The HCX did have better bottom end than the Imagine, midrange was pretty equal but to me the tweeter was just a little better on the Imagine.

So I found nothing in the Hertz line-up for $200 that could match the Imagine line.

Diamond Audio-Only thing I am going to say is the Imagine line were on another level even going well above the $200 mark.

JL Audio-XR650xi lacked bottom end compared to the Imagine. XR could just not fill out the bottom end as well. Midrange preferred Imagine, XR just seemed off in some of the vocal regions. Tweeter was very bright on the XR. Imagine again better tweeter.

The C5 is above the price and marketed a lot higher than the Imagine line.
C5650x Midrange was as good as Imagine but just more laid back different sound. Midbass about equal really. Tweeter about equal really. On some songs I preferred the C5 on others the Imagine.

C5650 about the same as above. The component set that was set-up with a little tuning did sound better then the Imagine.

All in all you are going to have to spend more than $200 to bet the Imagine line and in some brands it does not matter if you buy their $400 speakers they still get beat.

IMO These are a winner. After SBN I will be making some switches to the wifes vehicle. Removing the CDT in there now for the Imagine. Can’t wait for a 5×7-6×8 version for the Ford rear doors ect.

The guys at Advantage Audio agreed and we all pretty much had the same assessment except some preferred the C5 a little better and some liked certain things about the HCX more. One thing we all agreed on was that there is nothing in the store for $200 that sound better period.

Advantage Audio is not a HAT dealer but where nice enough to let me use their sound room to do some comparisons.

Great Job to Hybrid Audio.

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Pioneer Premier TS-C720PRS

I’ve had the speakers installed for about 24 hours now. This first post essentially describes my initial impression of them. These have by far surpassed my highest of expectations. The overall SQ they offer is great. The midbass is incredible at all midbass frequencies. They handle walking bass lines perfectly. I finally have all my bass “coming” from up front. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to really experiment with different types of music yet. I’ve listened to mostly rock so far. Everything seems to be incredibly detailed. I have much more tuning to do and I’m also planning on feeding them much more power in the next few weeks to come. As far as my first impression, I would highly recommend these to nearly anyone. I’ll add more to this review in the next few weeks as I better tune and become more familiar with them.

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opinions on 2009 model power plant subwoofers

im wondering if anyone has won or use. any ifo on these is appreciated just want to see if anyone had problems or the right thing by far. these are the new models without neon green in those with the largest and Biggers also surround the coil.

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Destine for Dissapointment

The people I used to run a 15 “L7 with 1100 watts of listening to about 35 Hz and have been rid of it and did not have a system in about 5 years. I was looking to run three 8 or 3 in a box of ’10 port. look in the paper on October 3, should be yours. I was looking for some powerbass or RE. probably has 500 watts of them in any configuration. 500-2 ohm amplifier, so I know 3 will be about 2.67 ohms and 150 to 175 to 10 or 8. ¿I can get some opinions?

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CDT Comps and Midbass CL-S60A + CL-6E

Well, I got these in my truck setup a budget. I just wanted to spend about $ 700 full setup. I paid $ 99 and $ 69 laptop compositions are delivered mid-low woofersetc on eBay.

I have yet to link them to an amp replacement as a salesman who sold me the amp I bought (mb quartz dsc4125) sent me the wrong amp.

I installed these front and back of my 2000 Silverado.

My first impression out of the box was that it seemed a good price, but nothing special. I did not expect a lot of these things, but the cost had heard many good things about them.

I muffled my doors and proceeded to install the equipment location of tweets and leaf through the door in the panel as well. Then installed in the location and storage medium, and connected up the system.

In the back of the factory comes with 4 * 6 speakers and took these and replaced by 6.5 “midrange. These means are the speaker, as well as in the model, but it seems the group 4 ohms, because are autonomous. I just cut some metal and built up a steak on the floor space to a flat surface mounting. I have installed in the location of stocks after minor change to cut the treadmill and files . After the door panels were all back where you can “t say anything there are speakers in the doors of the secondary market.

And connected with the stock Bose system I must say I’m impressed. Media and produce some decent bass and tweets seem relaxed, but not too bad.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the configuration, which was $ 167 shipped. Medi seem a bit ‘of mud for my taste, but it could be the reason for the radio. I think that when you adjust the treble of the few that come to life and sound much better. The tweets seem to lack power, but hey …

I think once I get these speakers to a decent amplifier (not factory) that will shine even brighter and be really impressive for the price. These quality speakers and the volume of the stock blow both factory and aftermarket Kenwood coaxial speakers that came with the truck when I bought it a few weeks. I am very happy with them and I can not wait to listen to a stereo amplifier.

I probably would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a budget system. I can play without distortion, and extremely high quality with pretty good.

I also want to update another review once I get a new head unit and amplifier

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IB 8″ Review: Cmass SS82, DLS OA8, Assassin, HX2, CVR, Pioneer TS-W203f’s, Sundown E8

These were the first woofers I tried IB. I loved them. Output was moderate, but sq was phenomenal. They blended well and had a natural sound to them. Build quality was just amazing. One of the had an issue so I couldn’t put full power to them, but I have a feeling if I had been able to they would have been even better in the way of output. I hve since sold them and the new owner still loves them IB in his 6th gen Maxima .

SQ: 10
Power handling: 7
LFE: 8
Output: 7
Build Quality: 10
Total: 42 + 1 or 2 for power handling

AA Assassins:
I wanted more output, I go these, and I got it. They sounded nice, not as sq oriented as the OA8’s but they could hold their own. They played low, and NEEDED more power than what I had on them (80×2). Even with low power though, they sounded mean, and put a hurting on my rear deck.

SQ: 7
Power handling: 10
LFE: 10
Output: 9
Build Quality: 8
Total: 44

This was my favorite sub used IB so far. I had a dedicated amp on it, Arc 2500xxk, the subs are rated at 500 rms, they took 550 a piece easy. They sounded awesome doing it as well. Great power handling, great low frequency extension, amazing sq.

SQ: 9
Power handling: 10
LFE: 9
Output: 9
Build Quality: 10
Total: 47

Rockford Fosgate HX2:
Unfortunately these were somewhat of a bust, LFE was lack, they did not perform well at all IB. They did good on some rock and metal, but not much with deep bass. They just could not handle power that well IB.

SQ: 7
Power handling: 7
LFE: 7
Output: 7
Build Quality: 10
Total: 38

Kicker CVR:
These to me were the surprise of the bunch. Kicker makes subs to do their job. Shake things up. These aren’t meant to be run IB, but boy they sounded nice in terms of output doing it. Sq was reasonable but output was GREAT even under low power situations.

SQ: 7
Power handling: 8
LFE: 10
Output: 8
Build Quality: 9
Total: 42

Sundown E8
Initially I was very impressed with the tonality and the output. It played various notes with authority. It’s meant to be crossed (at least in my application) at 80 hz, anything higher and I recieved a lil breakup in the output. I am reallllly enjoying these subs with all kinds of music, rock/rap/country. They are doing a great job!

SQ: 8
Power handling: 9
LFE: 10
Output: 9
Build Quality: 10
Total: 46

Pioneer TS-W203F
These subs, are classics! Super hard to find I found my pair on eBay and HAD to have them. I figured even if I didn’t like them IB I wanted them for the nostalgia. Put them in and initially I was saddened they didn’t sound good . I recent changed amps to a Crystal CAD600.2T and thats when these sub began to shine. My front stage consists of Dynaudio System 360. I have an MTX 4300x running bridged sending about 280×2 rms to each side of the passives. The Pioneers are now run off of 1200rms from the Crystal amp (1200×1 rms @ 2 ohm) Mind you these subs are rated at 120 rms, I’d say they are taking QUITE a bit more than rated power They also sound great, they hit hard and get low, they mate well with the MW170’s up front, the transition is pretty seemless I am super impressed for ~8 year old subs, and they are yet to be fully broken in!!

SQ: 9
Power handling: 10 (480 over rms, yea, pretttttttty good )
LFE: 10
Output: 9
Build Quality: 10
Total: 48

I am a bit shocked that I like the pioneer so much and they rate so high, but the proof is in the pudding.

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Elemental Designs 13Ov.2

Box: 1.5 cu ft tuned to 35hz

Here we are again, another impulse buy. eD had these on sale for $70, I figured it would be a one night thing (ended up being for like a month LOL), so I grabbed two of them. Why? Not sure. At the time I was planning on running an IXL-15 and SX900.2, which I later had to sell because I missed an entire weekend of work and needed the $$. Still kicking myself in the *** for that one.

So I had two of these sitting around…what to do with them? Well I sold one of them, and built a box for the other, and threw it in the Honda. First impression? Blah. No output at all. But remember, I was coming from the ground-pounder MAW-15 in a ported box.

Build quality was decent. Was it acceptable for a $70 sub? Absolutely. But for $150+? Hell no. There was so excess glue on the dustcap, and the tinsel leads looked like they belonged on a set of midbass speakers, and not a subwoofer!

After some tuning, and a good 12-20 hour break in period, the 13Ov.2 got my attention.

WOW! What a musical sub. This thing sounded GREAT with any type of music, and was an excuse to take a ride in the car. It had no trouble blending in with my front stage. It would hit every note, keep up with any drum beat, and when it needed to get loud, it impressed. Never tried it out in a sealed box, so I can’t comment there.

Elemental Designs may have ****** business practices, but I can’t complain about their products.

I miss this sub too, so much that I plan on getting a 19Ov.2 to run with my NINe.5 at 1-ohm. I’m excited.

Sound Quality: 10/10
Build Quality: 6/10
SPL: 8/10
Price (sale price): $94.50 shipped

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Amazing inexpensive speakers

PowerBass S-6C
S-Series 6-1/2″ 2-way Component System

PowerBass S-652
S-Series 6-1/2″ 2-way Speakers

I spent a total of $160 on these speakers and could not be happier. They are simply amazing. I listened to alpine type r, infinity kappa, focal, jl, polk, and memphis and the PB ones sounded the best, and were BY FAR the least expensive. I hooked them up to my alpine 9847 headunit with no amp at first and was blown away. Very crisp, real sound. No rediculously bright tweeters and it sounded the way the song should.

I got my hands on a jl 300/4 amp and hooked them up, with the gains set low and oh…..my……god. I will never buy any other speakers. With the volume on just 18, they are the loudest, clearest, highest SQ speakers i have ever heard in my life. for any normal person, they produce more than enough bass, ill be hooking up my subs next week, just because, well, you gotta have subs.lol.

With other components running $250+, and these being $99 and sounding even BETTER, why not go this route? They are AMAZING!!!!

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